Public Safety

Newbridge Wireless specializes in maintaining the reliability of emergency communication systems with public safety DAS (distributed antenna systems), ensuring that emergency responder radio coverage within buildings is up to code for new and existing structures.

Maintain Emergency
Responder Radio Coverage

A public safety distributed antenna systems is both imperative and now a requirement from The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Fire Code (IFC) to maintain coverage of first responders’ radio systems. Newbridge Wireless offers emergency responder radio coverage testing to assess your building’s signal and develop solutions to improve existing infrastructure or implement a new system to bring your building up to code. If the signal coming into your building is weak, our DAS experts may recommend is a bi-directional amplifier or BDA system. The public BDA can be used to bring in a stronger signal from outside to inside the building to then be evenly distributed throughout the structure via a distributed antenna system. Having this signal is what will ensure superior first responder radio coverage. Reach out to our team today for an evaluation of your building’s wireless coverage and connectivity.

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The Importance of
Public Safety DAS

Imagine you are a building owner and an emergency crisis situation breaks out, such as a devastating fire. You call 911 and are relying on the brave emergency responders to save your tenants’ lives and the building. Once inside the building, firefighters rely on their radio systems to communicate with one another in addition to the first responders outside the building. In an emergency, clear and effective communication is key. They are working together against the clock to save lives while putting the fire out, and hopefully escaping unscathed themselves.

However, imagine a scenario where their communication fails. They are deep inside the burning building and they don’t get radio coverage? What if there’s an injury, and first responders need backup, but their radios can’t connect? Someone will have to leave to go find help, wasting crucial time to be able to get out of the building safely. Without the right wireless emergency communication systems, the results can be fatal.

How Newbridge Wireless
Improves Emergency Communication

How do we ensure that our first responders never lose radio signal coverage in buildings? The installation of an emergency communication system. A public safety DAS can boost first responders’ radio system signals and enable them to maintain proper contact with one another in a crisis situation. Our radio communication solutions allow emergency responders to effectively do their jobs, ensuring much higher rates of success. Our team of DAS experts can evaluate your building’s wireless connection and connectivity capabilities while providing industry-leading solutions to improve your existing infrastructures.

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Boost Radio System Signals

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Maintain Communication During a Crisis

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When Do You Need a DAS for Public Safety?

A variety of emergencies require a swift response from first responders that rely on high-performing radio coverage in buildings. Crisis situations include but are not limited to fires, medical emergencies, security threats, or natural disasters. These are all crucial potential life-or-death situations where it’s imperative you provide first responders with the critical infrastructure necessary for successful communications.

New building construction, in particular, poses challenges to first responders’ radio systems due to poor signal reception. This can prevent them from reliably communicating with other emergency personnel inside or outside of the building, especially in areas like elevators, garages, basements, and stairwells, which are more susceptible to signal weaknesses. A public safety DAS can make all the difference in these life-threatening scenarios and can enable a positive outcome. There are a variety of ways to go about the installation of a distributed antenna system for your building. Effectively you can plan the installation in tandem with the building design and construction to ensure the proper coverage ahead of time. But deployment after building construction is just as effective since you will then have a better understanding of the needed coverage and will be able to see where radio coverage signals are weaker. Our industry-leading DAS services and solutions specialize in all the necessary steps for effective signal testing followed by proper installation and maintenance of your public safety DAS. When it comes to maintaining first responder radio communication systems, we are here to help.

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Public Safety
DAS Requirements

The tragic events of 9/11, unfortunately, showed us what can happen when emergency responders’ in-building radio system coverage is not sufficient, proving unsuccessful communication in a dire situation. The heroic firefighters found themselves trapped in the towers with no means to communicate their locations or call for assistance. Since that tragic event, Public Safety DAS requirements and regulations have been adopted on the local, state, and national levels to ensure that first responder radio coverage, including law enforcement, fire, EMS, and government employees – have dependable radio coverage in the event of an emergency.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Fire Code (IFC) have new mandates requiring 700MHz and 800MHz radio coverage for modes of emergency communication in all buildings. The level of in-building coverage for first responders isn’t a convenience anymore, it is a requirement. Local jurisdictions have varied requirements for coverage, but Newbridge Wireless provides a full range of services to ensure our customers are compliant with jurisdictional Public Safety Radio codes and ordinances. We specialize in NFPA and IFC-compliant solutions and we hold a GSA schedule 70 contract.

Newbridge Wireless offers the following turnkey services:

Newbridge Wireless is a leader in providing Public Safety DAS radio communication solutions. Ensure the most effective systems for your building today. We work with all sizes and types of properties, both small and large buildings, multi-building campuses, in both rural and metropolitan areas. Our in building public safety radio enhancement systems can stand alone or be integrated into a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) which serves the dual purpose of enhancing cellular connectivity and coverage. Contact our team today to learn about our other wireless solutions including our small cell solutions, carrier solutions and wireless infrastructure solutions.

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