Wireless Solutions for
Federal Agencies

We understand that reliable wireless communication is essential in keeping government operations running smoothly. Working with agencies at every level, we have helped to modernize network infrastructure in government facilities across the country.

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Secure & Reliable

Newbridge Wireless also understands the confidential nature that can come with government operations. That’s why we’re focused on providing secure and reliable wireless solutions that are built to safeguard sensitive information being transmitted within a government organization.

As a provider of comprehensive wireless infrastructure solutions, we design, build, and operate wireless networks to deliver optimal connectivity and security in the most demanding and challenging of environments including government operations.

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Newbridge Wireless is a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and a GSA Schedule 70 Contract #GS-35F-273BA holder. We have set up DAS infrastructure on the campuses of several government agencies, including the FDA and the USDA

Let Newbridge Wireless
Help Your Business or Property

Newbridge Wireless is happy to provide a site review and needs assessment to help you determine the best commercial DAS solution, whether that be a new or upgraded system or minor modifications to an existing system.

To learn more about the benefits of a neutral host DAS solution, contact us. We also provide DAS-as-a-service, carrier solutions & more.