DAS Systems for Business
& Property Management

We have worked coast to coast with leading property management companies to ensure their tenants have the wireless coverage they have come to expect, allowing landlords to stay competitive in the modern marketplace.

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Wireless Solutions

As more and more tenants carry increasing amounts of technology on them when visiting properties, it makes sense to have the proper wireless solution in place. Our DAS commercial solutions include a neutral host DAS which ensures tenants have seamless wireless coverage.

This not only helps with tenant satisfaction, it can also increase productivity. You can even connect ATMs and soda or snack machines using a neutral host DAS in your commercial property for a more cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution.

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Reliability for
Public Safety

In addition to allowing your tenants to be more connected, our DAS commercial solutions provide crucial public safety communication services. Our reliable in-building communication systems ensure emergency responder radio coverage is up to code for both new and existing structures.

We’re a leading provider of Public Safety Radio communications solutions and our suite of services ensures compliance with state and federal regulations.

Outdoor & Public
Wireless Solutions

As a wireless consulting company we can also provide outdoor wireless solutions for any public venues you may own or operate. In large spaces with crowds of people trying to share, stream, comment, and like all at the same time, finding better cellular connectivity solutions is a must.

That’s where Newbridge Wireless comes in, our industry experts are here to evaluate your current infrastructure and make recommendations on how to improve upon it. And then we will work with you to execute our plan.

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Let Newbridge Wireless
Help Your Business or Property

Newbridge Wireless is happy to provide a site review and needs assessment to help you determine the best commercial DAS solution for your buildings. We can install new or upgraded systems or make minor modifications to an existing system. We also provide DAS-as-a-service, carrier solutions & more.

To learn more about the benefits of a neutral host DAS solution, contact us today.