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Industry-leading experts providing an array of turnkey DAS services and solutions.

As an experienced wireless engineering firm, Newbridge Wireless employs knowledgeable engineers, technicians, and project managers who provide a range of professional DAS services, including consultation, design and installation, project procurement and management, as well as maintenance and monitoring. We also provide an array of wireless connectivity solutions from public safety wireless to small cell deployment to improved Wifi networks. Our team of experts will allow you to meet or exceed the ever-growing communications and cellular connectivity demand in your business. Check out our expansive distributed antenna systems (DAS) services and solutions below and reach out to our team today to get started!

DAS Consulting and Carrier Communication

When implementing a new distributed antenna system or expanding an existing one, facilitating agreements between property owners and wireless carriers can be complicated and time-consuming. Obtaining carrier participation, especially when more than one carrier is involved, requires close management by a well-organized team like the one at Newbridge Wireless. Our ability to clearly understand our clients’ needs, combined with our excellent business relationships with all wireless carriers, allows us to provide excellent consulting and carrier communication services. We are an approved Tier 1 vendor with carriers, and we have thorough and up-to-date knowledge of FCC regulations and wireless carrier design standards.

We tackle each new DAS project by taking the following steps, while always allowing flexibility for customization where needed:

  • Develop a project budget for the considered venue that includes everything from initial system design to bill of materials
  • Create a business plan to include carrier participation and advancement of the installation process
  • Serve as liaison between the carriers, property owners, and installation team during all stages of DAS implementation

Site Review and Assessment

Our wireless system consulting team of professionals will come to your site to survey the current situation, establishing your location’s and current systems’ strengths and weaknesses. The site survey will include a series of evaluations involving benchmark testing, building inspections, data collection, and thorough reporting, establishing a baseline and summary for your existing infrastructures. Then with our years of industry knowledge, we will put together our recommendations to further optimize your wireless capabilities.

  • Professional engineering teams complete thorough on-site testing and assessment with each customer
  • Benchmark testing and coverage analysis completed for each location or facility
  • Determine cable paths and equipment placement locations
  • Review current coverage and expansion needs

Personalized DAS System Design

Following a thorough site assessment and system review, our engineering team will design a custom DAS curated to uniquely support your wireless infrastructure needs. Every location and building is different and should be treated as such. We will engineer a system optimized for your needs. Our preliminary designs will also provide cost estimates and a projected timeline to see the project through. We will walk you through the design process while demonstrating and explaining how the new design will improve your capabilities, whether that means filling in current gaps or creating a brand-new distributed antenna system. 

Project Management

The Newbridge Wireless project management team will ensure your project runs smoothly, whether we installed the system or not. Our project management team works closely with engineers, site foremen, subcontractors and third-party vendors, and installation teams to ensure our clients have a smooth installation experience. After the design has been created, there is a host of planning that needs to be done before installation begins and throughout the project. We can help handle everything from the coordination of permits to material procurement to site preparation and on-site supervision. Our team is there to manage the project from start to finish and will oversee the quality-control efforts to make sure we not only get the job done, but get the job done well. Get in touch with one of our project managers today to learn more.

Team of DAS Installations Experts

Newbridge Wireless has a dedicated team of in-house DAS installation professionals with years of installation experience. Our field teams are trained in all major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and receive ongoing training to ensure they are well-versed in the latest technology trends. We are mindful of current business operations and do our best to mitigate any interruptions to day-to-day productivity. During an infrastructure overhaul, we will work to get the job completed in an efficient manner, so you can get back to business as quickly as possible. 

Maintenance and Monitoring

A DAS is a substantial investment for property owners. Radio communication systems are dynamic in nature and subject to a variety of ever-changing factors. To protect your investment and to ensure the best performance, systems need to be monitored and maintained by highly trained and experienced professionals. Newbridge Wireless offers monitoring and maintenance services to all DAS systems, including ADRF, Andrews, Comba, CommScope, Corning-MobileAccess, JMA-Teko, Solid, ZinWave, and more.

DAS Monitoring

Newbridge Wireless uses the industry-leading Phoenix platform from Predictive Technologies to remotely monitor DAS systems 24-7. The Phoenix platform monitors key performance indexes (KPIs) of the system and sends automatic alerts in real-time if any performance parameters fall to undesired levels.

DAS Maintenance

Routine inspection and incident troubleshooting are vital to the performance and longevity of any DAS. With the assistance of real-time monitoring, our engineers can effectively diagnose system issues and quickly develop solutions to prevent and correct malfunctioning and outages. We work with all major wireless carriers and our engineers can readily engage wireless carriers whenever needed.

Our DAS maintenance and monitoring plans include:
  • DAS Monitoring on a 24/7 basis with automatic faults alert via email/text
  • Unlimited troubleshooting support over the phone during business hours
  • Labor for diagnostic & troubleshooting site visits
  • Coordinating with carriers in diagnosing and resolving issues
  • Additional customization of service plan based on individual customer needs

As one of the leading DAS solutions providers, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done correctly. Our team-oriented business model means our entire team is focused on your job. We consistently deliver the highest quality end product to each and every client while strategically focusing on initiatives that grow and fortify your company. Reach out to Newbridge Wireless to inquire about our services and solutions today!

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Newbridge Wireless is happy to provide a site review and needs assessment to help you determine the best commercial DAS solution for your buildings. We can install new or upgraded systems or make minor modifications to an existing system. We also provide DAS-as-a-service, carrier solutions & more.

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