Small Cell

With small cells, users will be able to stream, upload, download, and use the internet to its highest capacity. Users will also have the peace of mind knowing they will always be connected to their loved ones no matter the situation. 

What is Small Cell
Wireless Technology?

Small cell wireless technology is a network capacity and coverage solution that is minimally invasive taking up a small amount of space, while significantly improving wireless connections both inside and outside. Small cells are the future of network coverage technology and network connectivity solutions. The number of small cells deployed every year is rapidly increasing. They are so discrete and often installed on structures such as street lights, utility poles, or to the sides of buildings without consumers even realizing their presence. They are designed to blend into the environment. Newbridge Wireless can increase your in-building connectivity with small cell wireless infrastructure that can be installed in a much faster turnaround than previous wireless solutions.

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What do
Small Cells Do?

Typically, we are used to the common macro cell or the tall cell towers along highways or rooftops. On the opposite side of the spectrum are small cells, which tend to work to fill in the gap where these tall cell towers lack in connectivity and coverage while improving wireless density. The small cells are roughly the size of a pizza box. Typically connected to existing structures, small cell technology creates a discrete footprint in the landscape – while bringing connection closer to users.

Small cell technology features small antennas that communicate wirelessly through radio waves sending signals to the devices connected. Small cells are connected using fiber optic cables making the products able to handle increased amounts of data at faster speeds. Another small cell benefit is modernizing your wireless connection while preparing for the future. The cables used are easily replaced and upgraded as technology continues to change. The future is stronger with small cell infrastructure.

What are the Benefits of
Small Cell Infrastructure?

As technology continues to advance and evolve more and more people are using devices and connecting every single day. When initial macro towers were installed, they were large enough to provide coverage to large areas and handle a decent amount of traffic with little blackout zones. But as we all realize, the mass amounts of data being used through smart technology has drastically increased and is only going to continue to rise. Thus, causing a high wireless density among coverage, and the large network carrier towers not being able to handle all the traffic, causing slower connections. With small cell technology, the antennas are moving closer to the devices and are able to be in many more places, proving increased coverage and being able to handle much more traffic at a time at much faster speeds.

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