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As a provider of comprehensive wireless infrastructure solutions, we design, build, and operate wireless networks to deliver optimal connectivity in the most demanding and challenging of environments. Our WiFi networks, public and private, allow for easy offloading of cellular network traffic and improve wireless communication.

Finding the best
WiFi network for your business

At Newbridge Wireless, we work with you to establish the best WiFi network by determining the best throughput for your business. We set up, test, and retest to make sure your WiFi coverage is complete, provides a sufficient capacity to meet aggregate demand while simultaneously achieving a high level of application performance and a satisfactory user experience for all parties. We work with leading property management companies, educational institutions including colleges and high schools, government sectors, healthcare institutions, hotels, as well as small and large businesses.
Interior antenna on ceiling of building

What are the Benefits of a
Wireless Infrastructure DAS

Having the right wireless infrastructure can provide powerful in-building wireless coverage for varying structures and landscapes. Being able to connect to the internet from a smart device in any part of a building is game changing. Buildings old and new can benefit from a DAS. Increasing a network’s capacity can help your network handle high amounts of traffic while maintaining a sufficient speed and reliable connection. Dependable WiFi networks are imperative in the new technology age in which everyone is streaming, downloading, and sharing. Keep up with demand and improve your network today.

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Call Newbridge Wireless today to learn more. We’d be happy to answer any of the questions you may have about our services. Whether it’s as your DAS installation company, or providing wireless design services or in-building cellular enhancement, Newbridge Wireless is here for all your wireless connectivity solutions, including our public safety services, Newbridge Wireless is here for all your wireless connectivity solutions. Reach out to us today!