What is a Neutral Host DAS?

A Neutral Host DAS shifts the ownership of a wireless service system from the carrier to either the DAS integrator, the building owner, or a third-party system provider. The Neutral Host model can potentially speed time to market for multi-operator service, reduce mobile operator costs, and offload the responsibility for maintaining a distributed antenna system (DAS) from a carrier to a third party.

What does a Neutral Host DAS Provide?

Indoor and outdoor neutral host distributed antenna systems provide improved coverage and enable broadband mobile cellular connectivity. Newbridge Wireless LLC – the ideal DAS consulting company, works with all major wireless service providers in the US, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Why choose a Neutral Host Provider?

Having a Neutral Host DAS means more end-users can utilize the carrier’s network. It also means venue owners, DAS integrators, and even DAS suppliers can act as neutral hosts. This means that there are more neutral hosts to answer the growing demand of the market which improves wireless network connectivity for visitors and staff, regardless of which carrier they use. A Neutral Host DAS delivers leading-edge DAS system architecture and technology at no extra cost to your organization. It also boosts the signal strength and increases network capacity for voice and data users alike.

When you use a neutral host provider like Newbridge Wireless LLC to provide network innovation solutions, you’re preserving valuable internal IT and business resources that can later be used for strategic initiatives and core competencies. You are also getting a DAS installation company made up industry experts that are there to help provide you a collection of the latest trends in wireless connectivity solutions and technology.

Want to learn more? Call Newbridge Wireless LLC. We’d love to help you find the perfect solution. Whether it’s as your DAS installation company, providing wireless design services or inbuilding cellular enhancement, Newbridge Wireless is here for all your wireless connectivity solutions, including our public safety services, reach out to us today!