Our Background

Established in 2004, Newbridge Wireless llc has been operating coast to coast for over a decade. As a leading DAS solutions provider and wireless infrastructure company, we have delivered over $100 million worth of DAS wireless infrastructure in the past 10 years. Our customer centered service model has earned us a great reputation in the industry. In 2013, Newbridge Wireless llc received a top rating (91 out of 100) in the Past Performance Evaluation (PPE), independently conducted by Dun & Bradstreet. We work with all major wireless carriers in the US, and are a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for all major DAS equipment manufacturers in the world.

  1. Principal office in greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.
  2. GSA Schedule 70 Contract No. GS-35B-273BA.
  3. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the State of Maryland, Certificate No. 15-028.
  4. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by Prince George’s County, Certification No. 15-10384.
Newbridge Wireless is the ideal wireless consultant specializing in cellular enhancement, DAS system architecture, and connectivity solutions you won’t be disappointed, reach out to us today !

Our Expertise

People rely on cellular voice and data connectivity. 95% of Americans own a cell phone, and 81% own a smart phone. That’s 349.9 million smart phone users in American alone. A growing number of Americans use smartphones as their primary means of online access, spending an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone daily.

Newbridge Wireless llc has been a trusted integrator and third-party operator since 2004. Specializing in Distributed Wireless solutions, Newbridge helps property managers, owners and a variety of businesses, provide enhanced cellular voice and data coverage to their employees and clients. As buildings become more energy efficient, cellular coverage deteriorates. Newbridge provides custom-designed coverage solutions, expanding cellular service throughout your building and increasing network capacity. Newbridge also specializes in providing reliable emergency responder radio coverage in buildings with our public safety das for First Responders.

      Key Areas of Expertise

      1. Site Review & Needs Assessment
      2. Benchmark Testing
      3. Wireless Systems Consulting
      4. Distributed System (DAS) Engineering
      5. System Coordination, Commissioning and Optimization
      6. Site Development
      7. Project Management
      8. Material Procurement
      9. Distributed System (DAS) Deployment
      10. Small Cell Deployment
      11. Public Safety Radio Deployment
      12. Fiber Backhaul
      13. Permitting
      14. Maintenance, Monitoring & Decommissioning
      15. Wireless Carrier Integration
      16. First Responder Radio Coverage
      17. Public Safety DAS Requirements
    Call us today to learn about some of our other industry leading solutions including a neutral host DAS, wireless infrastructure solutions, as well as public safety solutions.
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